slow cooker fudge

Slow cooker fudge

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Slow cooker fudge

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 minutes plus 2 hours cooking and 2 hours setting

Serves: 30+ pieces

We’ve tried to make tablet (a Scottish treat a wee bit like fudge) a few times but with limited success. Trying to get it to the right temperature, for the right amount of time, even with the help of a digital thermometer seemed to defeat us. It’s also not a great thing to try and make with children, as boiling sugar and small hands don’t go well together.

This slow cooker fudge seems to solve all those problems. It’s so easy, you don’t have to worry about getting it to the right temperature and as you’re not doing it on the hob or boiling any sugar it’s safe enough for children to help with.

This recipe makes a simple milk chocolate fudge but you can experiment and add different flavours – try white chocolate instead of milk or add a little dark chocolate to make it less sweet. You can also add sweets like M&Ms or sprinkles on top to add a little crunch.


500g milk chocolate
1 tsp vanilla extract
A large knob of butter
1 can (395g) sweetened condensed milk


Break the chocolate up

Get your children to help you break up the chocolate into small pieces. Once we’d done that we also chopped the pieces a little more with a knife to help it melt a bit quicker.

Add it to your slow cooker or crockpot.

Add the remaining ingredients

Get your kids to help you add the vanilla extract, butter and condensed milk to your slow cooker.

Give everything a good mix.

Cook the slow cooker fudge

Leave the fudge to cook on a low heat for around 2 hours. Stir it with a non stick spoon every 15 minutes or so.

Leave the fudge to set

Line an 8 inch baking tray with baking paper. You can use a larger or smaller tin if you want thicker or thinner fudge.

Put the fudge in the fridge for a few hours until it has set.

Cut into small squares and enjoy.

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    • It’s really nice – much smoother than the ones we’ve made on the cooker. You just need a bit of patience!

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