Easy baking recipes for kids

Easy baking recipes for kids

If you’ve never baked with your kids or are just looking for something simple, then these recipes are a great place to start. We’ve got lots of recipes on the site to suit all occaisions and level, but here you’ll find our really easy baking recipes for kids.  From simple biscuit recipes for kids to try themselves to easy bakes and puddings that toddlers can help you to make, there should be something here for even the youngest, newest baker!

I’ve separated our top recipes into sections depending on what you’re looking for:

Easy bakes with few ingredients that are really quick to make
No bake treats with no ovens for tiny chefs
Fun bakes with lots for your kids to decorate
Healthy bakes with less or no sugar

Or you can easily browse our cookies, cake & cupcakes, breads, traybakes and no bake recipes.

Alternatively, If savoury recipes are more your thing, we’ve also got lots of easy lunch and dinner recipes your keen little chef can help with.

Easy bakes with few ingredients

Children can have short attention spans, so I find the best, quickest recipes have very few ingredients. The less you have to measure out the fewer opportunities there are for mess! All the recipes below have 5 ingredients or less.

Fork biscuits

With only 3 ingredients, fork biscuits are one of the easiest things you can bake, so are the perfect thing for getting children busy in the kitchen. With no eggs or rolling or cutting, they’re one of the quickest bakes we have.

Fork biscuits

Cheese scones

Easy cheese scones are a great, simple bake for children. With only a few ingredients they don’t take long and are delicious straight from the oven.

Cheese twists

These puff pastry cheese twists or cheese straws make a great snack or party nibble or appetizer and are so simple to make yourself. If you use ready rolled pastry these can be ready on the table in no time.

Cheese twists upright in a jar

Rock buns

These Scottish rock buns are a tasty and easy bake that kids will love. My Granny always seemed to have a batch of rock buns on the go at her house so I was happy to introduce them to our kids!

rock buns

No bake recipes for kids

Making no bake treats is a great place to start getting little kids into the kitchen. With no baking or ovens involved all you need is a little patience as they chill and set in the fridge.


Mint aero rocky road

This is a tasty twist on regular rocky road and the perfect treat for any mint lovers.

mint aero rocky road

Mars bar slice

Mars bar slice is an easy no bake treat. With only five ingredients and no oven involved, it’s the perfect introduction to cooking for little chefs.
mars bar slice

Rocky road

Rocky road, tiffin, or hedgehog slice. Whatever you call it, it is one of the easiest things you can make with your kids. You can add anything you want to this no-bake treat to make it just as you like it.


rocky road


Fun bakes kids will love

My kids always love baking biscuits, cookies or cupcakes with fun decorations or cute characters. Even if your kids don’t bake the entire recipe with you they’ll enjoy adding the decorations or finishing touches to these easy recipes.

Owl cupcakes

These cute owl cupcakes are really easy to make and a huge hit with kids! Simply use some chocolate buttons to decorate your favourite chocolate cupcakes!


owl cupcakes


Cookies are a great thing to bake with your kids as they’re so simple. These bear claw cookies are even more fun and sure to be a hit with any little one!


bear claw cookies


If your kids love decorating with sprinkles they will love his simple but fun vanilla sprinkles cake. It’s deliciously moist with a little sweet icing on top.


vanilla sprinkles cake
These cute snowman cupcakes are the perfect winter treat for all the family! Use your favourite cupcake recipe and simply add some marshmallow snowman!


snowman cupcakes


These cute bunny cupcakes are a simple bake for kids to enjoy. Even the littlest chefs will love the look of these adorable bunnies.


Easter bunny cupcakes


Healthy baking for kids

Not all baking needs to be full of sugar and butter. As much as we love baking cookies and cakes, and my kids know they are just treats, if you’re baking regularly it’s good to find some recipes that are low in sugar and a bit healthier.


Oat cakes

Oat cakes are really simple to make and a great bake for kids. They get to get their hands messy and, it’s nice to bake something that’s a bit healthy!


oat cakes


Bread sticks

This recipe for bread sticks is so easy, it’s a great bake for children to do. They’ll love kneading the dough and forming the bread sticks (as well as eating them!) And who can resist the smell of fresh bread from the oven?!


bread sticks


Fruity honey flapjacks

Flapjacks are a great bake for little chefs. They’re really quick and easy to make and you don’t need to be too accurate. This recipe uses your favourite dried fruit and replaces the refined sugar with honey which makes them a great snack for little ones.


fruity honey flapjacks


Savoury muffins

Delicious savoury muffins, perfect for kid’s lunchboxes, picnics or served warm from the oven. They’re quick and easy to make, just add your favourite vegetables and enjoy!

savoury muffins

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