Top spooky bakes for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to do some fun baking. You can turn every day cupcakes, cookies and biscuits into all sorts of spooky creatures. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Spider cookies

Take some regular cookies, add some chocolate decoration and you get some spooky spider cookies. These are fun to make and a real hit with adults and children alike!

Pumpkin cake pops

Make or buy a cake, smash it up and turn it in to an eye catching cake pop. Simple!

Halloween cake pops

Monster cookies

Use some Halloween colours and some googly eyes to turn some regular cookies into spooky Halloween cookie monsters.

Halloween monster cookie

Chocolate gingerbread mummies

We turned regular gingerbread men into mummies with a little icing and some eyes. They are fun to make and tasty!

Gingerbread mummies