fruit scones

Fruit scones

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Fruit scones

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 20 minutes plus 20 minutes baking

Serves: 4-6

Fruit scones are one of the easiest things you can make with your kids and with very little sugar, are a healthier alternative to some other snacks. We made them on a day we were snowed in so they were perfect in that they use ingredients we always have in the house.

Our favourite fruit to have in a scone is a sultana or raisin but you could add cranberries or any other dried fruit. Don’t forget to enjoy them with some delicious jam and clotted cream!


225g self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
A pinch
55g butter
25g caster sugar
150ml milk
50g sultanas


Preheat the oven to 180C/170C Fan / 350F and line a baking tray with baking/parchment paper
Mix together the flour and butter

Get your kids to measure the flour (225g), salt (pinch) and baking powder (1 tsp) and put them in a large mixing bowl. Measure the butter and chop into small pieces before adding to your bowl. Getting your kids to use a butter knife to chop butter can be a great way to practice their chopping skills as they don’t have to be too evenly sized.

Using your fingertips rub the butter and flour together until you have a fine breadcrumb.

Add the sugar and milk

Measure the sugar and add it to your bowl. Give it a good mix. Measure your milk – if possible using the ml setting on digital scales as you can be much more accurate this way. Add the milk to your bowl slowly, mixing it in well.


Add the sultanas

Measure the sultanas or any other fruit you are using and add them to your dough. Give everything one final mix. It may be easier at this point to use your hands again to make sure the fruit is evenly mixed through the dough.

Make the scones

Get your kids to pat the scone dough down until it is about 2cm thick. You could use a rolling pin to do this, but I find that scones work better if you just use your hands.

Use a circular cutter to cut out your scones and place them on your prepared baking tray. We used large 12cm cutter, but you could use any size and just adjust the cooking time.

Finally, get your child to brush a little milk over the top of each scone.

Bake the scones

Bake the scones in the oven for 15-20 minutes (or less if you have made smaller ones). They’re ready when they are well risen and have turned a nice golden colour.

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