pizza pinwheels

Pizza pinwheels

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Pizza pinwheels

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 15 minutes plus 15 minutes baking

Serves: 4

These pizza pinwheels are a fun twist on the classic pizza. Add any topping you like then roll them up and pop them in the oven. You’ll get a crispy, moist, cheesy pizza bite for your effort.

Our kids are not big fans of pizza. They like all the ingredients separately but won’t touch pizza even if they make it themselves and choose their own toppings. As we have a little more time during the holidays I decided to try these pizza pinwheels for lunch to see if I could trick them into trying them. It worked! They were a hit with (almost) the whole family so we might have finally found a way of sneaking some pizza into our diet!

You could either use a sheet of pre-made pizza dough or make your own. Making your own is easy if you have time and you’ll end up with a nicer pizza roll but if you don’t have time, use a ready-made one. The dough from our supermarket was really thin which made shaping the pinwheels a bit difficult but as long as you are not too fussy about how they look it won’t matter.


Pizza dough (pre-made or make your own)
1 cup passata/marinara sauce
250g grated mozzarella or a mozzarella/cheddar mix
Your favourite toppings


Preheat your oven to 220C/200C Fan /390F and line two baking trays with baking/parchment paper.

Arrange your pizza toppings

Lay or roll out your pizza base out in a rectangle on a lightly floured work surface or sheet of baking paper. If you have made your own pizza dough, roll it out into a large rectangle about ¾ cm thick.

Get your kids to help you spoon the passata/marinara sauce over the base of your pizza, making sure you get right to the edges.

Then, sprinkle over your toppings and cheese. If you want, you can add different toppings to different sections to give yourself more variety. This can be a good way of keeping different kids happy, by letting them create their own pizza pinwheels by choosing their own toppings.


Make the pizza pinwheels

Starting at the long edge start roll the pizza up until you have a neat spiral. Using a sharp knife, cut the spiral into pieces about 2-3cm thick.


Place them on your prepared baking trays, reshaping them if you need to.

Pop them in the oven and bake for approximately 15 minutes. They’re ready when they’ve turned a nice golden brown colour and the base is properly cooked.

Remove from the oven and enjoy!



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