Corn fritters

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100g self raising flour
¼ tsp mustard powder
2 eggs
3 tbsp milk
140g Sweetcorn






Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 minutes + 10 minutes cooking

Serves: 4

We like corn fritters (or sweetcorn pancakes as Hannah calls them) for a simple lunch. Lewis enjoys his finger food at the moment and as you can cut them into strips they are a good way of getting a few vegetables into him.


Measure out the dry ingredients
Get your toddler to measure the flour into a bowl using a spoon. While she’s doing this add the mustard powder and season with salt and pepper.

img_1452-small img_1453-small

Measure out the wet ingredients then mix into the flour
Break the 2 eggs into a separate bowl or measuring jug. You could add them straight in, but I tend to break them into a different bowl in case you need to fish out some egg shell (which i normally do). Add the milk. Your toddler can help you measure these out as it doesn’t matter too much if you put a little too much in.

Give your toddler a fork or whisk and get them to mix the egg and milk together. Pour the mixture slowly into the flour and stir it together.

img_1457-small img_1458-small img_1460-small

Pour the sweetcorn your mixture.
You can either measure them out accurately, or throw in a few handfuls until it looks like enough (which is what we did – it’s much easier for a toddler to do it that way!)

Cook your fritters
Heat a little oil in a pan and then dollop your mixture into little fritters. Cook for a few minutes on each side. I don’t normally let Hannah help when I’m using the hob so she just watches from her spot on the counter but if they are old enough you can get them to help you flip them. They’re ready when they’re browned a little on each side.

img_1467-small img_1466-small img_1468-small

Serve and enjoy!


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