corn fritters

Corn fritters

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Corn fritters

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 minutes + 10 minutes cooking

Serves: 4

We like corn fritters (or sweetcorn pancakes as Hannah calls them) for a simple lunch. Lewis enjoys his finger food at the moment and as you can cut them into strips they are a good way of getting a few vegetables into him.


100g self raising flour
¼ tsp mustard powder
2 eggs
3 tbsp milk
140g sweetcorn


Measure out the dry ingredients

Get your toddler to measure the flour (100g) into a bowl using a spoon. While she’s doing this add the mustard powder (1/4 tsp) and season with salt and pepper.

img_1452-small img_1453-small

Measure out the wet ingredients then mix into the flour

Break the 2 eggs into a separate bowl or measuring jug. You could add them straight in, but I tend to break them into a different bowl in case you need to fish out some egg shell (which i normally do). Add the milk (3 tbsp). Your toddler can help you measure these out as it doesn’t matter too much if you put a little too much in.

img_1457-small img_1458-small
Give your toddler a fork or whisk and get them to mix the egg and milk together. Pour the mixture slowly into the flour and stir it together.

img_1460-small img_1461-small

Add the sweetcorn your mixture.
Cook your corn fritters

Heat a little oil in a pan and then dollop your mixture into little fritters. Cook for a few minutes on each side. I don’t normally let Hannah help when I’m using the hob so she just watches from her spot on the counter. They’re ready when they’re browned a little on each side.

img_1467-small img_1466-small

Serve and enjoy!

img_1468-small corn fritters


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